Learning and Teaching Never Stops

I can tell that I have been neglecting Quinn’s training. And it is all my fault.

Quinn will pick up whatever I ask. She will carry the item to me. She can pull off my socks (and shake them dead). She helps me sort the laundry since something always falls.

But Quinn won’t come when I call her. And she STILL does not know how to walk “loose leash”.

And it is my fault. I dropped her training ball (pun not intended. sorta)

Joella was the same thing with recall (come). She’d be sniffing or looking at something, look up at me, and say “I’m busy. Just a sec.” Quinn looks at me and says “Nothing you are doing or want me to do is more important than this smell. You can wait.” Maybe it is the Rottweiler in her.

She is a wonderful, smart, happy dog but she’s also very “show me the money”. Where’s the treat. Joella wasn’t food motivated except for cheese. Quinn will eat ANYthing. Sticks, rocking chairs, porch railing, porch posts…

We do little stuff all the time. I drop things here at my desk and she gives it to me. She will put it in my hand, no matter where that hand is. She’s a little weird (ha, understatement) in that she doesn’t quite get that I want her to get what I am pointing at. She will look for something else, usually something easier to pick up or more fun.

Anyway, in working with her task training, she’ll also be more willing to do regular dog stuff. I hope.