Some Progress

I had to go into L’s bank today (I call it Fells Wargo) and I took Quinn. She wore her leather harness for the first time.

Harness: Oy. I’m not sure it is going to work for us. It is actually slightly big for her still. And it doesn’t just slip on, strap it, go. It is more along the lines of figure out the front, unbuckle, slip her leg in, realize it is backwards after all (harness, not her leg), convince her to relax her leg so I can pull it back out, and so forth. I need to take it somewhere and have them replace the velcro and put more holes in for the chest strap.

Quinn: Princess Knucklebutt needs to remember how to walk on a leash (called loose leash walking)! And we need to work on a “look at me, dammit” cue. She was calm, which is good. She went into a down easily, that is good. I stood on the leash while I interacted with the hyper teller. But when said teller stood on something so she could lean over and see Quinn, Princess Knucklebutt wouldn’t look at me. At all. Something better had her attention. BUT, when we were finally done, I removed my foot from the leash and asked her to get it. She did. Without hesitation. Doing a task at home is one thing. Doing it when away from home and when distracted? Perfect Precious.

Which Means:

  • Work on leash manners
  • Develop a “focus” cue
  • Do something about harness

and also:

  • come up with command/task list(s)
  • prioritize training
  • start training every day