Working Around My Limitations

Training Quinn is easy and fun. But only when my body says it is okay to do training. And most days, it doesn’t even want to get out of bed.

So what to do on those days?

We work on manners (sit, back up, wait) because we do NOT want her to knock me down even on a good day! We do this at doorways, while I am at a counter making lunch, or just when I go to the bathroom. Quinn follows me everywhere.

We work on retrievals. Makes sense since I can’t bend down to pick stuff up on bad days! I also am making an effort to name everything now. “Get it” becomes “get my towel” (I keep on on my armrest for support) or “get the keys”.

We go outside. Now that spring is almost kinda sorta here, there are days when I can go outside with them and sit on the Dog Deck. Watching Quinn outside is a treat. And exhausting since she is so enthusiastic about everything she does. When we are outside, I will call her to me just to reinforce it.

So there’s things one can do on bad days. Even if just small things, the dog will love the interaction and your spirits will most likely lift a little.