Chews for a Growing Pup

Quinn was very “mouthy” as a pup. And she had a bit of aggression for a short while. Chewing on things seemed to soothe her so we went through a lot of stuff to find what kept her interest yet didn’t go away after one session.

When she was small, we used the Yak milk chews. Wonderful things. She loved them. But as she grew, they didn’t last as long because she would bite off chunks and then barf them up.

Then we switched to Benebones. They were lasting a long time and The Boys liked them, too. They’re not exactly edible but as long as the dog is able to chew off only rice-sized pieces or smaller, all is well.

Except for Quinn. She’s always had a sensitive stomach. She started eating dirt. And was almost frenetic about it. Even if we went somewhere, the first thing she would do is look for dirt to eat. We put her on a vitamin for a while and that seemed to work. But then she took up the culinary arts of eating raw grass.

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