Quinn Turned One!

Quinn was born October 9, 2016. So a few days ago, she turned ONE!

We were going to go to the dog park but Tropical Storm Nate went by and that place turns into a mud pit when it rains. We hope to go this weekend, if it doesn’t rain again. Heck, we may just go anyway!

Nate’s presence on her birthday was ironic. Quinn and her siblings were born right after Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast. Cathy Rubens and her home got some of the rain from it. So all of the litter were given weather related names. Hence why Quinn is Silverhill’s Rainbow After the Storm.

The day after her birthday, I took her to Lowe’s on her first Public Access training session. It’s main goal was to see how she did with all this new stuff. She has gone places before, but they were definite dog friendly places and it is usually a disaster. I think dog friendly places, like pet stores, are just too much for young dogs. It either shoves them into overload or they party. Quinn parties.

Anyway, the trip out went very well. Quinn was sniffing a lot, which I expected. She had no problem with the store’s scooter. She had no problem with the obnoxious beeping it makes when it backs up. She had no problem with all the stuff in the aisle, people pushing weird carts with big things on them, all of that. She wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t expecting perfect. I wanted to observe, see what makes her pause.

With Joella, because of her self-esteem issues, I allowed people to pet her if they asked. I don’t think I can do that with Quinn. After I let someone we knew pet her and after an employee did (after asking!!), she was going to everyone that passed by. So we won’t be allowing that for a while!

I love this dog. A lot. I think she is going to work out.